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Day 1 : Ten Things About Yourself
12 November 2011 ✿ 0 comments
Hello back :]

Nak ten things about myself eh? Haaaaa here you go :)

Ten things about myself (:
  • I <3 to eat.
  • I <3 to waste my money on food.
  • I <3 to laugh eventhough that is not funny at all.
  • I would be le craziest person whenever I'm happy :D
  • I can eat many times in a day :)
  • I have been le conductor for my choir's group last Thursday and it is worst >.<
  • I am a future MasterChef muahahaha *berangan je. masak un tak reti* :D
  • I music.
  •  to watch MasterChef :3
  •  making jokes with my friends :]
My English was like 'puih puih'! :D



Assalamualaikum humankind. You're currently in my blog now. Nothing special and you'll not into it at all. Hewhew :p

oter lev hom

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