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23 August 2011 ✿ 0 comments
Heloooooo. Before that, Assalamualaikum :) Did you see my new blog? Lol no, it isn't. It's just a new design. Not more than that hehe ^^, So, how? Okay? Tak okay? Haha I'm a pinky girl. So, you jealous? Haha tak perlu la kan?

Anyway, hari ni saya tak pergi sekolah. But why, dude? Haha saje. Terasa malas sebab my sister pun demam. Nak kata saya jaga dia, tak. Dia baring je tak bangunbangun. Normal la tu orang demam hurhurr u_u Petang jakgi nak pergi Majlis Khatam Al-Quran dekat Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin. Petang pergi, pagi tak pergi. Orang malas macam ni lah haha well me, who know? Nobody -.-'' Macam apa je.

Beside that, I have got my results of this 3rd Examination and it's not that awesome, just awe without some :D 2A 4B 2C. Tak berapa bagus kan? Tapi alhamdulillah la takde gagal. So, to any student which are in a good result, congratulations and which are in a not so good result, try again next time. Don't lose your hope, kay? All the best in End Of the Year Term. Sokaybai :)
My English are bad. So?


Assalamualaikum humankind. You're currently in my blog now. Nothing special and you'll not into it at all. Hewhew :p

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