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Handsome mann :)
13 June 2011 ✿ 0 comments
Jom tengok 3 jejaka ganteng dekat bawah ni. Muke dorang ni macam kembar kan? Serupeee je haha :D Like twinss :)
Sterling Knight                                             
             Shahz Jaszle :)       Randy Pangalila :D       Sterling Knight ;)

Kan? Macam kembar 3 kan? Lagi-2 Shahz Jaszle dengan Randy Pangalila. Sterling Knight tu tak sangat. Ohyee lupe nak bagitau. Shahz Jaszle from Malaysia, Randy Pangalila from Indonesia and Sterling Knight from err, oghangputeh :D
Anyway, mane handsome? Saya suke Randy Pangalila aww


Assalamualaikum humankind. You're currently in my blog now. Nothing special and you'll not into it at all. Hewhew :p

oter lev hom

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